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Wealthy Families Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning for Wealthy Families

Our mission is to help you develop and implement focused plans for taxes and benefits- for you, your family, your business and your favorite charities.


  1. Understand the needs of wealthy families.
  2. Help wealthy families preserve wealth.
  3. Empower a planning team with resources to go beyond the traditional.
  4. Provide impeccable quality cost-effectively.
  5. Integrate any of the more than 200 planning instruments into your plan.
  6. Overcome frustrations expressed by wealthy families.
  7. Achieve benefits not available elsewhere.

The Process

Phase One

  • Family Wealth Statement (Family Retreat)- Summarizes the goals of the family patriarch and/or matriarch (or business associates) in a concise and compelling document that will guide attorneys, accountants, other advisors, or heirs in using family wealth to uphold the family values.
  • Financial Check-Up- Reviews financial, legal, business succession, insurance, investment and related issues.
  • Value Proposition Letter- Typically shows how the planning process can produce substantial benefits for heirs and charity while potentially taking advantage of tax strategies. The Value Proposition Letter quotes the fee for planning, which is always a small percentage of the benefits to be derived. It includes a summary statement of the reasons for engaging us to prepare either a simple tactical plan or a comprehensive plan.
  • Tactical Plans- A Tactical Plan looks at just one of the more than 200 planning instruments that we can illustrate. Such plans are generally inexpensive and easily implemented.

Phase Two

  • Comprehensive Wealth Blueprint- The Comprehensive Plan or "Wealth Blueprint" summarizes how you can integrate several planning instruments to address all of your most important planning goals. Using advanced technology, we follow an efficient and disciplined process for identifying the best mix of planning tools to pursue your goals.

Phase Three

  • Implementation Documents- We oversee the implementation of your plan and coordinates with your attorney, CPA and other licensed professionals to draft and execute the appropriate documents.

Phase Four

  • Annual Updates- After implementing your plan, your portfolio may grow, your goals may change, or you may add new family members or business partners. To help you respond to new opportunities and challenges, we recommend quarterly or annual evaluations of your plan.